Saving Costs With In Mold Decoration

Saving Costs With In Mold Decoration

There are very few products marketed today that don’t specifically carry some form of manufacturer branding message, image or identity. For some brands, the logo and branding become a status symbol and one that becomes a prominent feature of other products in the same or different lines.

The Past Problems

With plastic products, this branding has always been a challenge. Part of this is due to the long life cycle of the plastic component compared to traditional types of branding options. In the past, the only viable option for branding on molded parts was to apply paint or use a printing process.

The problem with this was that the paint faded or scratched and even heat sealed printing methods could easily peel or flake off. The answer to these issues is now available in the form of in mold decoration (IMD).

What is In Mold Decoration?

IMD is the incorporation of the decoration, which may be a logo, message, website information, colors, brand name or any other requirements, into the mold itself. In other words, the branding is completed as part of the manufacturing of the part or component; it is not an add-on process afterward. The design or IMD is permanently part of the component.

Fewer Processing Steps

With fewer processing steps and everything being done in one mold, there is a lower overall cost to production. Of course, in mold decoration eliminates the need for painting or printing operations, but it also means fewer contractors involved in the production, lower logistics costs and lower labor costs to produce the items.

Faster Production with Higher Quality

With the quality of resins carefully selected to match the component and the design, the production of each part is faster that could be achieved with traditional methods, even at the extra cost.

However, it is really in the bright, vibrant colors and endless possibilities for branding, particularly with complex logos or images, that really makes IMD the ideal choice for any part, component or product.

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