Save Money and Prevent Heat Loss with Double Glazing in Farnborough


The cost of living is far from cheap, what with so many bills to think about. Energy bills tend to make the biggest dent in homeowner’s bank accounts, particularly during winter. If your energy bills are soaring you should consider investing in double glazing in Farnborough. Not only will double glazing prevent heat from escaping through small cracks in the windows and doors but also, energy-efficient glazing will minimise condensation and make the glass airtight. Consisting of two layers of glass with inert gas sealed in-between, double glazing is a great option for window replacement.

The Facts

Adding a second, third or even fourth layer of glass to the windows in your home could result in considerable energy savings. What’s more, it could enhance safety and reduce the ‘yellowing effect’, which is the term used to describe damage caused by UV rays. Thanks to its airtight construction, double glazing in Farnborough prevents heat loss and increases protection, making it a good option if safety is a main priority. Normally, the glass will last for 2-20 years. Poor manufacturing or installation will affect the durability, so make sure you hire a professional who is trained to get the job done.

Heat and Noise Insulation

Double glazing in Farnborough is installed with various glass thicknesses and the thicker the glass, the better the heat and noise insulation. In most cases, double glazing will be constructed with 6mm or 10mm glass, which are the perfect thicknesses for minimising heat loss and condensation. Whatever thickness is chosen, the glass must be cut in accordance with Building Regulation Document L.  Aside from saving money on your electric bill, it could prevent the build-up of condensation and create twice the insulation of normal windows.

Secondary Glazing

If you live in a traditional home that maintains most of its old features, secondary glazing will be a good option. This type of double glazing in Farnborough can be fitted onto original windows, so that the property retains its character. The gap in-between the panes of glass is much larger than it is on normal double glazed windows, which means that all of the benefits associated with double-pane windows will be far more noticeable. There is no need to change the window frame with secondary glazing either, therefore installation is fast and hassle-free.

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