Sailing through the Virgin Island? Avoid These 3 Classic Rookie Errors

Sailing through the Virgin Island? Avoid These 3 Classic Rookie Errors

Leaning over the rail, eagerly pointing at the sight of clumps of trees and land in the distance, tasting salt in the air—going on your first yacht cruise around the U.S. Virgin Island’s St. John can be profoundly memorable. However, before going on that sailing adventure, take a look at common sailing mistakes so you’ll have a firm grasp of what’s permissible on board and not.

Dressing Up and Packing Along a Ton of Shoes
That Tatler cites this as one of the most common mistakes that first-time sailors make. Who can blame them? The best boat charters around St. John USVI seem to shout glamour—with models sunning themselves, Hollywood’s favorite actors and actresses partying all through the night, and favorite crooners chartering a boat for their own getaways with pals. However, for most boat charters, that’s not the case. First-off, many yachts require guests to remove their shoes. That means you get to spend most of your time on the boat, barefoot. So don’t bother packing along a ton of your Manolos. Some boats also allow you to use a pair of clean shoes on board, slippers or socks, if you’re uncomfortable about baring your toes so much.

Thinking Your Crew Doubles as a Day Care Center
Your crew is there to provide with as much assistance as they can. They make sure you’ve got your favorite ice cream, wine, snacks, and meals on board. They check in with you regularly to find out if you find anything wrong with their service. They put out all the stops so you and your friends or family have a good time on your sailing adventure. But even on the best boat charters maneuvering it’s way through St. John USVI, the crew never doubles as your day care center. So don’t expect them to take on extra nanny duties for your kids for you. If you need assistance, ask for a nanny on board beforehand and they’ll gladly comply with that request.

Bringing Along Your Dog
Dogs aren’t welcome in cruise ships, unless yours is extremely well-behaved and clean. If that’s not case, prepare to negotiate and pay extra. Not a problem? Then you’ll probably find a boat charter to take you, your family, and your pet on. If there’s anything else you’re bringing along—your kids, the whole family, your barnacle collection—then make sure you inform the crew of these things as well. Want to know more about sailing do’s and don’ts? Contact Blue Mystic Charters for more information.

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