Rubber Washers-Size Counts


Rubber washers play an important role in a wide range of products.  Size really matters when it comes to these types of washers.  Finding the right size washer can be like looking for a needle in the haystack if you are not using the right source.  Some businesses “specialize” in a wide range of parts which can make it difficult for you to find the part you need. Other businesses keep their specialties a little narrower to better serve the people that need that specialty part.

Most people do not really give much thought to washers unless their production depends on it, then it becomes a very important component to think about.  Luckily there are companies that specialize in washers so you do not have to give tons of time to the thought.  A specialist that understands the function of washers can provide you with advice about sizing and options for your project.

The Size Really Matters

A perfect fit depends on the perfect size. Standards sizes typically work well, that’s why they are standard but that is not always the case.  When you have an odd size need, you need a specialist on board that can point you in the right direction. What happens when a washer is off size and does not fit exactly?

First you have to understand the true purpose of a washer. It can have several different functions that range from providing a tighter seal to preventing corrosion and rust.  When it does not fit correctly because it is the wrong size you can possibly face:

  • An imperfect seal
  • Increased risk of rust
  • Leaks
  • Damaged product

Washers are most commonly used to enhance a seal between a nut, bolt or a screw and a bolt. Without the washer fitting correctly there is a high risk that there will be an unwanted gap. One of the rubber washer’s primary purposes is to keep to metal components from coming in contact with each other which can hasten the corrosion process. Of course the washer also prevents the two metal surfaces from corroding together rendering them unable to be taken apart. If the washer does not fit, there is a good chance that corrosion possibilities will be enhanced.  The right size keeps leak at bay on faucets when the washer does not fit the faucet is prone to leaks. The right size matters.

JTD Stamping can help you to ensure that you get the rubber washers that you need to fit perfectly. Call them today for all your washer needs.

JTD Stamping is a leading Rubber Washer Supplier and offers Wide Variety of Materials and list of standard sizes of rubber washers. To know more, call (518) 880-0200.

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