Reviewing Laws with an Auto Accident Attorney in Keller, TX


In Texas, auto accident laws are in place to lower the rate of lawsuits filed for personal injuries. The laws include auto insurance mandates that must include specific values to meet federal and state regulations. An auto accident attorney in Keller, TX can provide legal help with the claims.

What Should Drivers Do If Law Enforcement Wasn’t Called?

Drivers must file form CR-2 if they didn’t contact law enforcement after the accident. The form must be filed before ten days have passed following the accident. All drivers should exchange insurance information. However, if an at-fault driver is identified clearly, they must file a claim through their insurance to acquire coverage for any victims involved in the accident. The CR-2 form should show whether or not there was any property damage that exceeded $1,000.

What Happens If the at-fault Driver Doesn’t Have Insurance?

The at-fault driver could become the defendant in a lawsuit if they don’t have adequate auto insurance. According to local laws, the driver must have at least $30,000 for the initial injuries that happen in a car accident. The policy should provide a maximum for the entire accident of $60,000. It should present $25,000 in coverage for any property damage incurred.

How Long Does the Insurance Have to Approve the Claim?

After the auto insurance claim is filed, the insurance provider has a period of fifteen days to determine if the claim is approved. Once the claim is approved, the insurance provider must send a check to the victim within five days.

Can the At-Fault Driver Settle out of Court?

Yes, the at-fault driver and their attorney could provide the victim with a settlement offer if their insurance provider won’t pay. The settlement offer must include all medical costs and expenses incurred by the victim.

In Texas, auto accident laws hold at-fault drivers accountable for failing to drive safely. The outcome of the accident determines the total value owed to the victim. For further details, victims can contact an auto accident attorney in Keller, TX through Law Firm of David S. Kohm today.

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