Repairing Home Windows for Arlington Residents


“The Broken Window Theory” states that the amount of broken windows in a building directly relates to the likelihood of how quickly the property will be vandalized. It suggests that a broken window which is not repaired signals a building which is not cared for and possibly uninhabited. This leads to vandals targeting the property and vagrants recognizing it as somewhere they can stay undetected.


Obviously, a residential home with one cracked or broken window is not going to immediately become spray painted by vandals or a favorite stopping point for drifters. But broken glass is unattractive and unsafe. It devalues the property, makes it seem neglected and can be a serious potential hazard. A cracked window can easily become a shattered window and little hands or faces nearby can be hurt when it happens.


The Home Windows Arlington houses have can easily be replaced, without the entire window needing to be removed. In fact it is often a fast and inexpensive repair. Since a broken window will make your home more vulnerable to both thieves and bad weather, many glass companies offer a 24-hour repair service. Click here for more details about the quality home windows in Arlington.


For the inexperienced, replacing a broken window can be difficult. What type of glass the window is and the material the frame is made of will determine the tools and methods which need to be used. When you call a company to repair your damaged pane they will assess the window and give you a quick estimate for its repair. Depending on the size and type of the window you have it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to make the repairs you need. Unusual types of glass may need to be special ordered, but in most instances the glass company will have everything needed in stock.


The Home Windows Arlington residents rely on can be repaired by the experts at Aaa-glass.com. They repair and replace glass around the clock, so you never need to feel vulnerable to the outside elements. They can also replace glass in commercial buildings and vehicles. Contact them for information about the services they offer and what they can do to help you.

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