Remy Human Hair Extensions-The Celebrity’s Choice


Hair extensions are offered in a range of material options, synthetic, natural and the cream of the crop Remy human hair extensions. Remy human hair extensions are the favorite choice of high end salons and celebrities. There are a few reasons that this type of hair is at the top of the list when it comes to options.

Why Remy is the Best Choice
Remy hair is one of the most sought-after hair types because of its great properties. It is virgin hair that is arranged so that every hair cuticle faces the same direction. This makes the hair smooth as silk, less likely to knot and matt and very easy to work with. Additionally, Remy hair can be treated just as you would natural hair. It can be dyed, curled, straightened and treated with chemicals without fear. It looks completely natural, blends perfectly and can hold up to any hairstyle. In a word, this hair is, quality!

Choose Wisely
You do have to be sure that you choose this type of hair from a trusted source to ensure its authenticity. Many times, hair is sold as:

  • Remy like
  • Remy kind
  • Similar to Remy

The reality is unless the hair comes from a reputable source you may not be getting Remy hair at all. A few flags are the language that is used to package the hair. All the above bullet points describe some of the terms that are used to sell this type of hair. You must turn to a trusted source that values their reputation and that would never sell hair that is not authentic.

The Source to Choose
Shopping for hair is never easy because there are so many options but you can narrow down your options nicely by starting with the established LaCrowne!

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