Rehab Facilities in Philadelphia PA for Pain Management and Physical Therapy


Rehab Facilities in Philadelphia PA are equipped with a multitude of physical therapy techniques that serve to kill pain and re-establish mobility of the body. Those needing rehab therapy may have issues that include limited range of motion, trouble with balance and coordination, and weakness. Correcting these problems involve stretching and strengthening areas that are enfeebled. Other methods of therapy that include outside sources are devices for physical therapy and the application of hot and cold energy. Hot packs increase circulation. Good blood flow to the organs and tissues of the body promotes quick and thorough healing. Ultrasound heating is used to reach further down into the muscles and tissue. Thermal energy can get up to three centimeters below the skin with ultrasound heat therapy. It helps to relax muscles and increase circulation to a greater extent than surface heat energy.

Cold therapy at Rehab Facilities in Philadelphia PA have the opposite effect of heat treatment. This is because it’s designed to reduce pain. Also known as cryotherapy, it decreases circulation to reduce pain in a localized area. Pain is reduced by the deceleration of message signals from nerve fibers. The nerve fibers are responsible for sending pain signals to the brain. When that process is slowed down, pain is reduced. Decreased circulation also reduces swelling and fluid build-up, which is a contributor to pain.

Electrical stimulation for pain reduction targets receptors in the skin. Some nerve receptors can be overstimulated. When this happens, pain intensifies. Electrical stimulation is applied to the surface of the skin with adhesive electrodes. The procedure gives the body a type of pain relieving stimulation. It can be compared to something like a sudden injury that causes immediate pain. Rubbing the area with the hand and causing a little friction reduces the intensity of pain. Electrical stimulation can also be used for muscle re-education and to deliver medicine through the skin. Muscle re-education is a term that describes the process involved in training the muscles to regain strength. This is ideal for muscles that were injured or received nerve damage.

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