Regular Car Service Tulsa Keeps Old Cars on the Road


A Car Service Garage in Tulsa can keep an old car running much longer, even if it has substantial mileage. Regular oil changes as recommended by the manufacturer, for example, should continue to be done. If routine tire rotation is advisable, the technicians will generally do that at every other oil change.

Even the tires themselves can last longer than expected if treated with tender loving care. The vehicle owner should keep the tires inflated to their correct pressure. Professional drivers check the tire pressure regularly; it’s not a bad idea for any passenger vehicle owner to do this as well. Once a person gets into the habit of checking tire pressure whenever buying gas or every couple of weeks, the task becomes an almost automatic one.

Looking over the tires every few weeks for signs of unusual wear also is advisable. A Car Service Tulsa technician can diagnose what’s causing this issue if it develops. Sometimes the wheels come out of proper alignment due to driving on rough roads or hitting a big bump. In other cases, worn shocks and struts cause changes in the suspension that lead to abnormal tire wear. If the shocks and struts assemblies are replaced, the wheels should be aligned afterward.

It should go without saying that drivers who squeal their tires when taking off from a stopping point are reducing the life of those tires, but it’s not uncommon to hear that sound at least occasionally. Drivers who slam on brakes that don’t have antilock features and skid to a stop, or who think it’s fun to burn around doing 180 and 360 maneuvers, also reduce the life of their tires. This can be costly when looked at on a longevity basis. If they have to replace their tires in half the life expectancy of the equipment, they essentially have lost half the money they originally paid.

A garage such as Tate Boys Tire & Service sells new tires and provides various mechanic services. These days, it’s not entirely unusual for people to drive their cars for upwards of 250,000 miles. Regular attention to those vehicles keeps them on the road.

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