Reasons You Might Need Oral Surgery in Fishers, IN

Reasons You Might Need Oral Surgery in Fishers, IN

Whenever surgery is involved on any part of a person’s body, the potential exists for serious risks to occur, such as excessive bleeding, reactions to anesthesia, or other complications. This holds true even when it comes to a person getting oral surgery, which most often occurs with dentists who have been specially trained for oral surgery. There are dentists who perform Oral Surgery in Fishers IN on patients in need of the procedures. Here are some the reasons that patients might often find that require the specialty of an oral surgeon.

Reasons for Needing Oral Surgery

A widely used reason for people needing oral surgery is when it comes to impacted wisdom teeth, which can often become complicated by other factors in a person’s mouth. The problem with wisdom teeth is that people often don’t have enough room in their mouths or gums to accommodate the four extra molars that are wisdom teeth.

Closely related to the removal of wisdom teeth is the extraction of teeth that presents a particular problem. For example, teeth that may have been broken or pushed into the person’s mouth by an accident, or patients who have anxieties about the dentist and need oral sedation, are reasons that an oral surgeon may be required.

More Reasons an Oral Surgeon May Be Needed

An oral surgeon may also be needed when a patient has to have one or more dental implants, which have to be surgically implanted in the jawbone. An oral surgeon may also be called on for sleep apnea because of the soft tissues in the mouth that might be partially or completing blocking the airways. Finally, an oral surgeon may be needed for oral surgery concerning the jawbone.

A Dentistry that Can Help

Moore-Berry Dentistry has been offering oral surgical solutions to patients in the Fishers, Indiana, area for a long time. In addition to oral surgery, the dentistry also provides other dental services, such as veneers, teeth whitening and dental bonding. If a person is in need of oral surgery in Fishers IN, the dentistry is available. Visit Fishersdentist4u.com for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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