Reasons Why You Should Go to a Podiatrist for a Cyst


Sometimes you might have a cyst on your foot and not even know it. A lot of times, you tend to overlook a cyst that is on your foot. If you have anything on your foot that resembles a cyst, you should seek the attention of a podiatrist. If you are experiencing something that does appear to be a cyst, it is most likely a ganglion cyst or mass. When you schedule an appointment for a cyst removal in Chicago, you should get all of the answers you need. At the time of your appointment, your podiatrist should tell you what the different options are for removing it.

Surgical Cyst Removal

Cysts on feet are known as ganglion masses and usually require a surgical removal. You should not get stressed out if your doctor suggests surgery. It is not performed like a typical surgical procedure in that it is done right in your doctor’s office as an out-patient procedure. Most likely your doctor is going to suggest removing your cyst right away. It might even be as soon as immediately following your consultation. Once your doctor breaks your cyst away from the surrounding tissue, your surgery is over. Depending on where your cyst is located determines how your recovery goes. A lot of times, doctors give you a splint or cast to wear during your recovery. You might even require crutches. All of these factors should be explained to you before your surgery.

We Provide the Care You Need

Like with any surgery, there is always the chance of complications or longer and more difficult recovery times. These problems are more likely to happen if your cyst removal is more difficult or in a more sensitive area of your foot. Some possible complications of the surgery are swelling, nerve damage, and possible infection. At your appointment, your doctor should inform you of all the risks and benefits of your surgical procedure.

If you are looking for a podiatrist who can perform a cyst removal in Chicago, please visit the Chicago Foot Care Clinic.

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