Reasons to Give Out Plaques in Reynoldsburg, OH

by | Jun 27, 2014 | business services

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Giving plaques is a great way to boost morale and help motivate people in Reynoldsburg, OH, and in other areas. However, many people don’t really consider all the great reasons to give out a plaque. There are many good ones, from the funny to the serious.


Funny Reasons


Everyone loves to get plaques. It shows that they were thought of, if only for a moment. Most plaques given in Reynoldsburg, OH, are meant to show appreciation, but there can be great options for the funny or lighthearted moments, as well. If an employee recently had a new baby, you could consider a plaque that was lighthearted and upbeat, such as one saying “No more fun for 18 years,” or something similar. For someone with a messy desk, consider a plaque that says something about the Bermuda Triangle.


Funny plaques allow you to be humorous. However, it is important to keep things appropriate in a business setting and sometimes, funny plaques are not appropriate.


Serious Reasons


Most companies in Reynoldsburg, OH, offer a plaque because of an accomplishment or achievement. Examples can include perfect attendance, employee of the month and giving good customer service consistently. These are generally more serious in nature and look very professional. In some cases, employees are allowed to hang them in their office or have it displayed on a wall dedicated to achievements.


These plaques are usually in a dark wood with light embossing or other formats that will make it look interesting and will catch the eye.


If you don’t already have employees of the month or year, you may want to start and create a wall of your own. This will help improve productivity and provide customers with a sense of trust. You may also want to start a human spirit award plaque, where those who show courtesy or caring are rewarded.


Inspirational Plaques


Many times, inspirational plaques can be used to create a better work environment. These can include appreciation plaques and plaques that have an inspirational message. Most plaques do offer recognition for a job well done, but you can include something that is heartfelt and put it on a plaque that is forever. For example, a plaque that says “you only live once, so go for it,” could be a great option for someone who wants a promotion or is trying something new.


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