Reasons For Deportation


Deportation happens when a person who is not a citizen of the United States is ordered by the authorities to leave the country. There are numerous reasons why this might happen, two of the most common are expired visa and conviction of certain crimes. Today, rather than the term “deportation,” authorities associated with immigration use the term “removal.”

There are specific circumstances when a deportation attorney in Chicago may be able to get relief for an alien facing removal. If the individual is found to be eligible for relief he or she will either be allowed to stay in the country or their removal may be postponed. It is the task of the alien and his deportation attorney to prove they are eligible for such relief.

What are the types of relief available?

Relief from deportation falls under two different categories; one id discretionary and the other is administrative or judicial. Discretionary relief is available to the alien during the time removal proceedings are taking place, administrative or judicial relief is available after all the proceedings have been completed.

There are a number of forms of discretionary relief available, they include:

   *   Voluntary departure: This is the most common; it is when the alien is granted the right to leave the US on their free will. This is important as there is no record of having been deported, as a result they may be allowed to re-enter the US at a later date.

   *   Cancellation: This usually applies to lawful permanent residents. There are a number of requirements that must be met including length of residency, a clean record and to show extreme hardship.

   *   Adjustment of status: The alien is granted a change of status from non-immigrant to permanent resident.

   *   Asylum: This is available to certain people who would face political persecution in their home country, this is extremely difficult to obtain.

If you are facing removal proceedings you are advised to work with a deportation attorney in Chicago.

There are various forms of relief available to those who are facing deportation from the United States, it is important to work closely with a deportation attorney in Chicago that knows which form of relief is most suitable. You are invited to discuss your situation with Din Law. Follow us on twitter.

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