Questions To Ask Your Chicago Fencing Contractor

Questions To Ask Your Chicago Fencing Contractor

Deciding to get a new fence may be an easy decision, especially if your existing one is decaying or in any other way no longer suitable for your needs. Choosing, constructing, and installing a replacement, however, can be hard work. Many homeowners opt to hire a fencing contractor to handle this important job. Doing it yourself may be tempting, but if you lack the experience and know-how to get the job done right, you may wind up paying even more to have it fixed in the long run. Before you hire someone to get the job done, review this list of a few questions to ask your Chicago fencing contractor.

What Type Of Fence Is Best?

Even if you already have something in mind, it’s still a good idea to ask your fencing contractor for his or her opinion on what type of fence would best suit your needs, your budget, and your yard. Not all types of fences can be easily installed in all types of ground, and if your needs would be better fulfilled with a different type of fence, it’s good to have this information before an ill-suited one is installed.

Do I Need A Special Permit?

In some municipalities, certain renovation just will require a special permit from your city government. While this isn’t true of every type of project, there are some that will require it, especially if your yard borders on land owned by the city. A fencing contractor will know whether or not one is needed, and can advise you on the process and cost.

How Can I Care For My New Fence?

A question that many homeowners neglect to ask until it’s too late is the level of ongoing care and maintenance required to keep their fence looking good. Your contractor can tell you what type of cleaning products to use, and how often to clean your fence, in order to prolong its life.

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