Providing Professional Slingshot Motorcycle Service in Daytona FL


The Polaris Slingshot is one of a new class of Roadster three-wheel motorcycles which have become quite popular in recent years. Mounting a 2.4 liter DOHC engine and a five-speed synchromesh transmission, one of these babies can really burn its way down the road. The Slingshot is a good cruising bike for the highway, with plenty enough power to get out of any jam. It is also a more complex machine than a standard two-wheel motorcycle and for this reason, has its own particular requirements when it comes to servicing and repairs. Given this, the Slingshot owner shouldn’t just take his machine to any mechanic.

Holeshot Powersports is an authorized outlet which provides professional Slingshot Motorcycle Service in Daytona FL. Not only are their staff mechanics properly certified, but also are trained specifically in the mechanical complexities of the Slingshot. They can provide efficient and reliable service for any type of job, from a simple maintenance check over to an engine teardown and rebuild. And combining their knowledge of Slingshot motorcycles with the latest in diagnostic technology, the mechanics can pinpoint any problem within minutes. Each customer can count on receiving a detailed report of any work that is required and reliable estimates on which to base any final decision to proceed.

If the visit to the shop is merely a routine maintenance call, the work will be handled in less than an hour. The staff is dedicated to getting the customer back onto the road with his Slingshot running in showroom condition. And there is no one better to handle routine maintenance than an authorized shop for Slingshot Motorcycle Service in Daytona FL. Because it’s only the logical choice to trust your Slingshot to the experts, even for the simplest jobs involved.

Check out our latest deals at the Holeshot Powersports website. We can provide service for any Slingshot and on reasonable payment terms or contract service. There is even an online form for a customer to use to order a service visit. The form has easy to fill out fields, including one for a detailed description of the maintenance or repair issue involved. Contact us today and let us take care of your Slingshot.

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