Protecting The Cold Air in Your Refrigerator

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Business

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Often with businesses such as grocery stores or restaurants, they have high energy bills. Some of the problem with such a high bill comes from the loading and unloading of food from their refrigerators. This process can be a long process depending on the amount of food so the doors could be left open for hours at a time, letting all of the cold air that has been building up in the refrigerator to pour out. This can lead to a big problem in food storage because the food that was previously in there, or the newly transported food, could spoil in the time it takes for the refrigerator to cool back down. Spoiled food in businesses can be an enormous problem because that means money and time was lost all because of the doors staying open too long. Luckily, there are strip doors and strip curtains in California available to help prevent all of that air from flowing out, saving you time, food, and money.

Benefits of Strip Curtains and Doors

As stated before, strip curtains and doors help keep the cold air in, therefore extending the life of the perishables in your freezer. Not only that but since you don’t have a bunch of warm air coming in all at one time, you don’t have to worry about dropping the temperature on your thermostat, which can save tons of money. Another beneficial aspect of these is you don’t feel the need to close the heavy door every time you leave the refrigerator to get another item, which means you can see if anyone else is trying to enter the refrigerator. This can lead to less injuries on the workers. One other benefit of strip curtains and doors is it extends the life of your compressor. Since your refrigerator won’t have such a long defrost time, this will save on both energy and the wear and tear on your compressor.

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