Protect Your Home With Locks Using Keys That Can’t Be Copied With Key Blanks

Protect Your Home With Locks Using Keys That Can’t Be Copied With Key Blanks

During the next 15 seconds, someone’s home will be broken into. The intruder may or may not be armed. A member of the family could be home. Most burglaries happen during the daytime when the thief expects people to be at work. A more “professional” burglar cases the neighborhood watching people leave for the day. These guys will take your belongings but aren’t interested in hurting anyone.

Burglars plan on 10 minutes in and out, first ransacking the bedroom for guns, cash, or jewelry and then grabbing other valuable items on the way out the door. The people to really worry about are amateurs high on drugs and who are possibly armed. They won’t care if your teenage son or daughter stayed home sick.

The best home security system makes it difficult for an intruder to get in. If getting into the home takes longer than a couple minutes, most burglars will quit and move on to their next target. Security systems are essential, but it’s much better to keep a thief out than to be notified that someone broke in.

There’s a 90% Chance That Your Locks are Not Burglar-Proof

When locksmiths are called because someone is locked out of their home, most of the time those locks will be either Kwikset or Schlage. The lock seen most often is a standard Kwikset deadbolt that costs less than $50. Older models still in use on millions of homes originally cost about $20. In a test conducted by an experienced locksmith, this lock was picked in seven seconds. The locksmith was unable to pick a Schlage deadbolt but was able to access the lock in five seconds using a different technique.

High-Security Locks

High-security locks are 100% break-proof. While most keys can be copied with key blanks, keys to high-security locks can only be copied with the use of a special card that came with the lock. These locks are more expensive, but the typical burglar steals up to $3,000 worth of cash or property. Talk to your locksmith about having one of these locks installed on each door of your home.

Able Lock Shop has been serving the locksmithing needs of eastern Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties since 1945. They have all the equipment on hand, including key blanks, to help you if you’ve been locked out. They can also advise you on protecting your home and family with high-security locks. Call 888-LOKOUTS. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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