Projects To Help With Organization Using Aluminum T Track

Projects To Help With Organization Using Aluminum T Track

Whether you are trying to organize your garage or shop, or if you are looking for innovative ways to store and display items in bags or on hangers in a retail store, aluminum T track provides a very low-cost option.

This track comes in different sizes and includes a single straight track that is rectangular in shape when viewed in cross-section. Within the cross section is an inverted T shape, which creates a channel down the center with two equal edges that turn in. This allows items to be slid down the track and held in place by the track itself.

Jigs and Guides

If you want to get rid of all those clamps and vice grips that you have been using to hold items in place in the shop, you can easily use aluminum T track to make your own custom jigs and fixtures.

Any standard hex bolt head that is the same size of the track will be an easy option to secure any item in place. You will just need to add clamps that are designed to slide down the jig or guide and you can easily adjust to hold large and small items securely in place.

With some types of T-track, you may need to choose T-slot bolts to work within the slot. These have a narrower width to the heat and a longer length, plus they are flat to slide easily along the track. Knobs are sold that are easy to grip and turn, making it a snap to tighten and release items quickly and safely.

Hanging Items

For stores, behind the counter displays or for keeping tools and small items organized in the garage, aluminum T track makes a great option. It can be mounted directly to the wall and then longer bolts run down the track and positioned as needed along the track.

This bolts can be position to hold items in bags or pouches, or grouped other on the track to support hammers, hand tools and other heavier items. As the track is aluminum it is strong but lightweight. However, you will need to carefully consider the fasteners you use to secure it to the wall.

There are also specialized hooks and clips that are available that will work with T track. These typically fit standard T-track sizes and make a versatile and low-cost organizational system that is both practical as well as easy to construct to meet your specific needs.

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