Professional Service for Plumbing in Poulsbo, WA Eliminates Clogs in Drain Pipes

by | Jan 12, 2018 | Plumbing

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Unclogging drains and pipes are common projects completed by a company providing professional Plumbing in Poulsbo Wa. Drain pipes from sinks, showers, and bathtubs have curves instead of being set in straight lines and rigid angles. The system is designed this way for specific reasons.

Catching Valuable Objects

A pipe with a dip or U at the place where it changes direction is handy for trapping objects that fell down the sink but shouldn’t have. People often are able to retrieve rings and other small items that slipped into the sink and were trapped by this curve. Although this is a helpful design for this purpose, it isn’t the main reason for plumbing pipes being installed this way.

Blocking Odors

Plumbers with a company such as Express Service Plumbing consider this pipe to technically be a P rather than a U because a long pipe is attached to it that heads to the sewer. This P trap always holds water, which prevents smelly sewer gases from rising up beyond the drain and entering the home. It’s effective at creating a seal.

Clogs in the Dip

Unfortunately, that important aspect of the design also means the dip can become clogged with hair, grease, lint, food particles, and other substances over time. Caustic drain cleaners are not particularly effective when this happens, and they also can damage pipes. Calling for professional service for Plumbing in Poulsbo Wa is a better option.

Mechanical Snakes and Pipe Dismantling

Depending on the situation, plumbers may use a mechanical snake to break up the clog or may dismantle the pipe at the connecting joint. Either way, the customer can expect a bit of a smelly mess to deal with because of the bacteria and decaying matter in that clog. The size and aroma of the blockage can be quite startling.

Preventive Action

To prevent future problems, it’s important to stop those substances from going down the drain. Greasy pans can be wiped off with a paper towel before being washed in the sink. Strainers should be placed in all drains to prevent hair clogs from the shower and food-related clogs from the kitchen sink.

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