Professional Home Cleaning Services

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Cleaning

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That’s Clean Maids is a professional cleaning service that pays attention to detail. Our residential team of maids and housekeepers will thoroughly clean every room in your home based on your customized cleaning requests.

As our professional cleaners move from room to room in your home, every surface will be dusted and cobwebs removed from hard-to-reach corners. Dust clinging to light fixtures and fans will be removed and you can feel confident our housekeepers won’t miss a speck of dust or dirt.

What Does Our Residential Cleaning Services Include?

Our team will move from the ceiling and walls to shelves, counters and furniture, making sure to treat delicate or fragile items with care. Once we dust the floorboards, we will start the specific room cleaning processes, including wiping down surfaces to get rid of any allergens, cold-causing germs and harmful bacteria.

Individual Room Cleanings

When you hire our professional cleaning service, it means each room in your house will receive the attention it deserves. We use a checklist to ensure all the small details are addressed and every crevice and crack in your home sparkles and shines.

If you are searching for a quality, professional cleaning service, you can count on That’s Clean Maids to deliver. Regardless of the size or current state of your home, we can handle the job and help you get the clean, germ-free home you want and deserve. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer.

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