Preventing the Need for Septic System Repair in Olympia WA When College Kids Are Home


The kids have left the nest and are in college now. The parents have bought a house in the country and are looking forward to their young adult children coming home on weekends and for long vacations. They must be sure to instruct their offspring and any guests that come along about the proper care and use of the septic system. That way, they’ll avoid the need for Septic System Repair in Olympia WA.

Items to Avoid Flushing

Septic systems aren’t extraordinarily fragile, but they are more vulnerable to problems from certain types of behavior than residential sewer systems are. For instance, young ladies who have been accustomed to flushing their feminine hygiene products must stop doing so in a home with a septic tank. Otherwise, all those products accumulate in the tank, since they don’t degrade very well. That can result in a sewer backup and the need for earlier tank pumping than would otherwise be the case.

Anything that doesn’t biodegrade can cause these sorts of problems over time and the need for emergency Septic System Repair in Olympia WA. College students may not figure that a string of dental floss, some hair from the shower strainer or cotton balls to remove makeup would be issues, but none of those¬†items should ever be flushed into a septic tank.

Then there are activities they may be trying to keep secret from their folks, leading them to flush condoms and cigarette butts. Technicians from a company such as Advanced Septic & Construction Services are accustomed to finding these objects floating on top of the liquid in the tank when they open the lid.

Considerations About Laundry

An additional aspect associated with the youngsters coming home on weekends is their desire to do many loads of laundry in a row. This has the potential to overload the septic system with waste water, especially if two or more college kids bring baskets full of wash. Considering all the showering going on in the household and the washing of more dishes than usual, the best option is to space out those laundry loads over the entire weekend.

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