Prepping Your Soccer Team for the New Season


Coaching a school soccer team is so rewarding. As the new season approaches, you might feel overwhelmed by everything that has to be done before the first game. Buying bulk soccer balls and collecting permission slips is just the beginning of your endless tasks. Even though you have a long list of important things to do, some of them are certainly more urgent than others. There are three things that you should definitely include on your to-do list before the new season.

Brush Up on Your Communication Skills

Even if you’re familiar with the players on your team, kids can change rapidly. The player that was a good listener in the previous season may now be the most stubborn team member. It’s normal to feel frustrated when one of your players isn’t giving 100% during practice, but expressing your frustration by raising your voice may not yield results. Sometimes a stubborn team member actually needs more responsibility to the team. If you’re struggling to coach a player that is normally attentive, ask them if they feel underutilized. Rather than having an immediate response to poor performance, ask what you can do to help.

Research New Training Techniques

Running laps, practice kicks, and drills are all classic and necessary training techniques, but they can become monotonous quickly. Try new practice games that will help to familiarize your team with different scenarios that they could experience on the field.


Few things matter more to your team than the right equipment. Most schools have a tight budget for sports equipment, and it’s likely that you’ll have to find a way to cut costs to afford everything. That can mean buying bulk soccer balls and repainting the old goals from the previous years. Most schools require students to provide their own shoes, but in many cases, uniforms are provided to the students through the school budget. Try to buy the most durable uniforms that are also stain resistant. Stained uniforms won’t affect the way the players kick the ball, but a good looking uniform can definitely help team morale.

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