Preparing A Child For Summer Camp in Fairfield CT

Preparing A Child For Summer Camp in Fairfield CT

When parents decide that their child would fare well at Summer Camp in Fairfield CT, it is likely there will be concern about their well-being when they are not with family members for an extended time. There are several steps that can be helpful in helping a child to feel comfortable at a time they will be away from home. Here are some tips to consider.

Find Out About Contact Methods

If cell phones are not allowed at a summer camp, ask the director whether letters can be sent to the premises during the child’s stay. In most cases, the camp will adhere to this request and hand-deliver mail to children who receive correspondence from those they are away from. If phones are not restricted, consider purchasing a cheap model and use pre-paid minutes to allow the child to stay in contact. This way, if the phone is lost or destroyed, it will not be detrimental to the child after the incident occurs.

Pack Some Reminders Of Home

A child will have bags packed with clothing, toiletries, and other items they need from home. Sneaking in a few reminders of home can be a great way to excite a child when they reach inside to find something they had packed themselves. Placing a few photographs, a personal letter, or a treasured stuffed animal can help by giving the child something tangible to keep in their sleeping quarters to remind them of their home while they are away.

Take A Trip Before Camp Starts

Taking a tour of a camping facility before a scheduled session begins will help to reduce anxiety about the property. The child will be able to see what areas will be used for activities and may get to meet some of the staff members if they are on-site during a visit. This will help the child to become familiar with the layout of the land and the people they will be spending time with during their session.

When a child prepares for Summer Camp in Fairfield CT, there are bound to be some questions. Contact us to find out more today.

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