Potential Risks of Becoming a Surrogate Mother

by | Jun 13, 2014 | Surrogacy

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A large number of women who become surrogate mothers do it because they want to help other couples have a family of their own. At first, it’s usually for very good and honorable reasons. However, there are people who will judge you for making that decision and in many cases you`ll find them criticizing your actions. There are many risks that you will face as a surrogate mother. However, the risks vary from one person to another and quite a large number of women end up having successful pregnancies.


Among the risks that you are more likely to face include health risks, financial and medical risks. This is very risky especially to someone who is already working because the journey may go up to a year or even two. Let us look at the potential risks of becoming a surrogate California mom.


1. Health risks. The agency will check whether your ovulation cycles matches the intended mother`s cycle. This is done by putting the surrogate mother on contraceptive and steroids. And before this is done, you will have to undergo blood tests to check the compatibility of the blood to the sperm and blood donors. All these processes involve medicines and you may be ruled out as a potential surrogate mother by failing to pass any of the above tests. Your body must be able to pass the test for the intended parents to choose you as the surrogate mom. It is important to work with agencies because they will help you in finding a couple that is compatible with you.


2. You will also have to deal with problems associated with insemination. The process is actually painful and you may experience side effects of the medications you are supposed to take. You may also be depressed and lack sleep for a couple of days or even months. But as long as you have to gone to an urgency that is well known and has an experience of many years, everything will be fine.


3. Financial issues. In many countries, the surrogate mother is responsible for her own health insurance costs which rules out a large number of women who want to be surrogate moms. That means that you have to be financially sure before you become a surrogate California mom.

It is important that you join an agency if you are new in the market. The agency will not only get you good deals but also help you understand the law.


Center for Surrogate Parenting, Inc. is a world-renowned surrogacy agency with offices in Encino, California, and Annapolis, Maryland. The agency gives the couple the opportunity to become involved in the pregnancy itself. Please feel free to contact the agency for more information.

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