Pool Deck Lighting

by | Jul 3, 2018 | Landscape Lighting Designer

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Lighting the deck around a pool can create a warm and inviting entertain space for friends and family to congregate. Pool deck lighting can be a feature itself if done correctly. Deck lighting can transform a pool and deck area to draw in guests from the outside world. It creates a relaxing space that is simply rewarding.

No backyard landscape is complete without lights added to illuminate the deck and pool area. Adding lights around a pool area not only provides ambiance but also safety. People who are unfamiliar with your backyard can easily fall into the pool. By lighting the deck and pool areas, you will provide safety to your guests and pets.

Adding pool deck lighting will illuminate your outdoor entertainment areas at night.

There is an infinite number of lighting options and ideas for outdoor decks and pools. Outdoor lighting techniques can create a special mood for your backyard, add color, and excitement to your landscape. Adding color to pool deck lighting can create a magical place.

There are many different types of effects you can create with pool deck lighting.

Soft lighting illuminating from lots of sources is visually more appealing than harsh overhead lighting. Use soft lighting spaced around a deck for a clean look.

Don’t forget to add lights along walkways. Add alternating low-level lights along pathways will provide a lit path area and add ambiance.

Try adding lights that face each other to create interesting shadows and provide illumination in both directions. Lighting specimen plants create an interesting focal point for lights.

Low voltage pool deck lighting along the deck can make the deck shine. These lights can be very decorative and available in many different styles.

This summer, enjoy your favorite outdoor living area with a well-lit pool deck.

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