Plumbers in Tunkhannock, PA Use High-Pressure Jetting to Clean Drains


Most commercial drain blockages are caused by sand, sludge, grease, or other sediment. To cut through this kind of clog, high-pressure jetting is often recommended and used. This form of drain cleaning enables a plumber to penetrate and emulsify grease, break up debris and sludge, pulverize root systems, eliminate scale, and flush out the piping totally.

Why High-Pressure Jetting Is Used

While cable machines are employed to get rid of roots of trees and break through obstructions, they are less efficient in removing scale, grease, or softer build-ups. That is when plumbers in Tunkhannock, PA turn to water jet machines. Cable machines can bore holes through sludge. However, they cannot force the debris out of the pipes as high-pressure water jetting does.

An Economical and Cost-Saving Measure

According to the professionals who work at companies such as Draintech Inc., high-pressure water jetting is an economical way to clean out drains and sewer pipes. This drain cleaning process uses state-of-the-art pumps and hoses to propel water into a drain or sewer line.

Using a nozzle that is affixed to a heavy-duty hose, plumbers direct concentrated streams of water into pipe walls. Even a tough obstruction cannot stand up to this type of force. That is why this form of drain cleaning is used to keep drains flowing in commercial establishments such as restaurants.

Fewer Service Calls

Some businesses call out plumbers for jet-cleaning once or twice a year while other establishments request this type of service monthly or quarterly. This form of drain cleaning means cleaner pipes, which also means fewer service calls.

Make a Call and Schedule the Service Today

Restaurants benefit greatly from high-pressure jetting as the service removes mineral deposits and the grease and sludge that can lead to lost customers and revenues. So, if you want to ensure the continued operation of your business, schedule high-pressure jetting as a regular routine.

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