Planning For A Relocation With A Commercial Moving Company In Miami, FL


Moving any business in a building, down the street or across the country is a complicated process. It requires more planning than a residential move, especially since delays in the move cost the business money. This is why it is so important to choose an experienced commercial moving company in Miami, FL.

Most moving companies will advertise their services for commercial moves. While this may be what they advertise and market themselves as providing, it is critical to check up on the company and ask for specifics. If you are working with a reputable commercial moving company, they will have no difficulty in providing you with references of past clients that you can email or speak to about their moving experience.

Plan Early

Most business moves are not snap decisions or emergency moves, so whenever possible start early to look for the best commercial moving company in Miami, FL to handle your moving needs.

Ideally, the company should provide an individual to come and meet with you. This individual will typically become your move coordinator, and he or she can be very helpful in the advance preparation and in assisting to make sure everything is ready for moving day.

This can include helping to dispose of unnecessary equipment through an asset auction, or even working with the company to move some items into storage in advance of the move.

Prepare Information for Staff

Another way that your commercial moving company will be of assistance is in providing checklists and other information you can use to help staff to plan for the move. Typically most businesses ask staff to move only personal possessions while the moving company will be responsible for all electronics, furniture, fixtures, records and other equipment.

By allowing the commercial moving company to handle this equipment, particularly electronics and other sensitive equipment, the company has insurance coverage based on the package they select. When staff moves their equipment, the insurance coverage is not in place, something that is important to consider.

In the event of disasters or the need for an immediate relocation, finding a commercial moving company to handle these types of moves can be difficult. Smaller companies are typically harder to book, so look to the larger national movers with the crews, equipment and trucks to get the job done when you need it.

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