PIP In Florida: Filing A Personal Injury Insurance Claim

PIP In Florida: Filing A Personal Injury Insurance Claim

Wherever you live in Florida, it could be Tampa, Miami or Jacksonville, sooner or later you will become involved in a fender-bender or something more serious. When this happens, you will need the help of a personal injury insurance lawyer. With his or her help, you will be able to file your claim correctly under Florida’s PIP law.

What Is PIP?
PIP is an acronym. It stands for personal injury protection. In Florida, you have no choice. If you drive a four (or sometime three) wheeled vehicle, you MUST be covered by a PIP policy. This legislation constitutes a no fault approach to blame, liability or culpability. The law establishes a cap in medical and death benefits. It also requires the insurance of each party involved in the accident to pay for their own medical expenses. They do so through their own insurer. If you plan to file a personal insurance claim, you need to talk to a lawyer first.

PIP Payouts and Your Policy
On the surface, PIP allows those suffering from vehicular personal injury, to pay for their medical expenses and related items. If you do become a victim in a car accident and wish to file a claim, your personal injury insurance lawyer can tell you what you can expect. In an ideal situation, the following is potentially yours:

*Medical Coverage: This will pay for a large percentage of your medical expenses

*Lost Wages: If you provide the right papers, you may receive a portion of money you lost for not working

*Prescriptions: Money can cover these

*Travel expenses: These apply for your trips to and from any required treatment   for going to ad coming from any required treatments

However, this is not always possible. Like any other insurance policy, you will receive only what you have paid for. In other words, the extent of coverage you can receive and the type are governed by:

*The specific type of PIP policy e.g. PIP, Extended PIP, Added PIP, Broadened PIP

*The limits the agency has set to the policy

*Any deductibles you have

*The issue of fault – While PIP is intended to be a “no fault” plan. In actuality, the court can render any individual involved in the accident a certain percentage responsible. In other words, according to the experts at law firms such as Shuster & Saben, you may receive less because the court may hold you 5, 10 or even 50% responsible (at fault) for the accident.

A Personal Injury Insurance Lawyer and your Claim
If you are in an accident in Jacksonville, FL, you are eligible to receive compensation under PIP. Yet your eligibility may be compromised. The insurance company may put roadblocks in your way. This is why you need to talk to a professional personal insurance injury lawyer to ensure your rights are met.

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