Overflowing Washing Machine? Call a Company that Specializes in Flood Damage Repairs


When a home experiences water damage, it’s important for the homeowners to contact a water restoration company immediately. In fact, their insurance policy may require them to take this step. Wet walls and damp floors can harbor a mold infestation in just 24 hours. Therefore, it’s good to get the company started on flood damage repairs, as soon as possible. These kinds of companies understand the need to move quickly. They have teams available 24 hours a day that will respond within one hour.

The technicians will examine the flood waters and determine if they pose an immediate threat to people’s health. They use three categories to describe flood water. Clean water is not dangerous to people. Burst water pipes are often a source of clean flood waters. If clean water is not cleaned up quickly, it can become a health hazard. Grey water contains bacteria that could cause sickness in people if they drink it. Water from washing machines and toilets are in this category. Black water can make people very sick or even kill them. Sewage is an example of black water.

Homeowners sometimes think that they can perform flood damage repairs themselves. They sop up the water off the floor with towels and turn on a fan. Unfortunately, this often isn’t sufficient. They don’t get all of the water up off of the floor, or they don’t completely dry out the inner walls. These are the perfect breeding grounds for mold and mildew. When professional technicians arrive, they have powerful vacuums that quickly suck up all of the standing water. They then have giant heaters that thoroughly dry out walls. Technicians can also test the air quality to determine if mold spores are present.

It’s also necessary to assess home furnishings, furniture, walls and floors to determine the extent of the damage. Dry wall and flooring may need to be replaced. Homeowners may worry about their insurance company covering all of the costs. Restoration companies such as Flood Solutions know how to coordinate with insurance companies. They even use the same cost estimating software. They bill the insurance company directly, which helps minimize out-of-pocket costs for the homeowner.


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