Outdoor Feather Flags: Versatility Meets Mobility


So you’re looking for a way to make your company or event visible to highway traffic. Your budget is somewhat limited (i.e. a billboard just isn’t going to be doable this time), but you understand the importance of visibility in a highly trafficked area.

You want to make an impression, but you’re just not exactly sure how to do it. A large banner seems cumbersome – there’s nothing to attach it to out by the road. You don’t want to pay someone to stand out there for hours on end twirling a sign.
We at New York Banners understand your conundrum, and we’ve come up with the perfect solution. What about a series of outdoor feather flags?

What is a Feather Flag?

Don’t know what a feather flag is? Chances are you’ve seen one recently, as they are becoming more and more popular. Feather flags are vertical banners printed on polyester flag material that is set against a pole that is anchored in the ground.
Outdoor feather flags can be made highly visible with different color combinations, sizes, and shapes. The possibilities are so vast!

Our convex feather flags come in several size options: small (nine-foot height); medium (10.5-foot height); large (14-foot height); and extra-large (18-foot height). Our angled feather flags come in nine-foot, 10.5, and 14-foot heights.
Outdoor feather flags are the perfect alternative to a permanent sign because they can be moved anytime.

You may choose from two installation options: a cross base or a ground stake – often the ground stake is best for outdoor display when wind or rain may be a factor.

They’re Versatile and Mobile

Have you changed locations? Just pull up your feather flags and take them with you. Is your original placement not as effective as you hoped? Just reposition the flags. Do you want to spell out a message using an extended amount of space? Try spacing out several flags that drivers can read as they pass by. You might even consider pairing flags of different sizes so your message “builds” as people pass.
We can customize outdoor feather flags with your logo or announcement for the perfect conveyance of your company image or message.

See our web site, www.newyorkbanners.com, to explore the many, many options we have available for outdoor feather flags. Outdoor feather flags can be a very creative way to reach your audience, so by all means, have fun getting creative with your next visible display.

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