Options for Recycling Used Cartridges of Lexmark Toner in Milwaukee, WI

by | Sep 21, 2017 | Business

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Lexmark Toner in Milwaukee WI is available from companies that sell a variety of office supplies and equipment. Laser printer toner is known for lasting a very long time, even in the business setting. Eventually, however, the toner will run out and the person in charge has to figure out what to do with the cartridge and its toner residue.

Avoid the Landfill

With today’s emphasis on environmentally friendly solutions, throwing the cartridges in the garbage is unacceptable. Not only is it wasteful, but it also puts plastic polymer dust into the landfill. This is the material toner is made of, and it becomes a pollutant when dumped into a landfill.

Recycling laser printer cartridges is especially important because, technically, these items are usually reused instead of being dismantled for their basic components of metal and plastic. A cartridge can be refilled up to 15 times and sold to customers who like the lower cost of the reused products.

Click the Link

A company like Rhyme makes the process easy. Customers can order Lexmark Toner in Milwaukee WI and other products online and learn how to recycle the cartridges by clicking a link. Visit our website to view products, place orders, and find out more about recycling.

Send It Back

Upon buying a new cartridge, the customer can put the old one in the plastic bag and box that enclosed the new one. A return label should be included in the box, or the customer can print one from the manufacturer’s website. The designated carrier will pick it up after the customer follows the rest of the instructions.

Take It In

Another option is to bring used cartridges to an office supply or electronics store that participates in recycling programs. Several of the better-known chain stores do this. Some provide a small amount of store credit when customers bring cartridges in, while others simply provide a bin where people can place those items.

Donate to Charity

In addition, some charities ask for donations of the cartridges. When they get a sufficient number of these items, they can have the cartridges recycled by a company that pays cash for a minimum number.

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