Officer Errors and Human Mistakes: How a Drunk Driving Law Attorney in Burlington, VT Defends a Wrong Accusation


Why is DUI so riddled with complications? It seems that the programs, including MADD and Zero Tolerance Law, have changed the dynamic. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the fatalities derived from DUIs have dropped to 42% in 2009 from 50.6% in 1990. There are thousands of men and women accused of driving while under the influence or intoxicated, and it is ruining their lives. Many of these people have received a deserving consequence of their mistakes, but many of them are feeling wronged by the system. They may be facing a single-time arrest for DUI, and they have not been processed through the system in the most elegant or lawful way.

Officers make mistakes that could invalidate the entire arrest. A drunk driving law attorney in Burlington, VT maps out the entire story to find a potential flaw or unlawful hole in a DUI arrest. If one is present, it could force the charge to fall through.

One common example is the initial reason for the pullover that resulted in the arrest, which could be swerving, speeding, a broken light, etc. but that has to be confirmed, it cannot be speculated or assumed. It also has to be present in the police report. The arrest may override and distract from the initial reason the client was pulled over, but that does not make it irrelevant.

The officer must also follow the proper procedures such as reading the rights and asking for permission to see inside the vehicle. Cooperation is nice, but that cooperation from a driver could be unfairly exploited. Contact us to discover if the moments before the arrest were executed by law.

The methods and systems are in place to protect Americans and they need to be followed. If the rules are allowed to be bent to charge a client, then who draws the line? When will the law not be bent and when will it be bent even further? The regiment systems are present for a reason, and a drunk driving law attorney in Burlington, VT will find out if they were followed.

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