Obtaining Emergency Plumbing Service Fort Collins CO When A Toilet Is Clogged


When a toilet in the household becomes clogged, the inhabitants of the home will most likely want it to be repaired promptly so it can be utilized once again. Calling for Emergency Plumbing Service Fort Collins CO is the best way to get rid of a clog in a fast manner. There are a few steps one can try before making a call to a plumber in an attempt to alleviate a clogging problem. Try the following tips to get a toilet to flush so it can be used without causing damage to flooring or the plumbing system.

Plunge The Toilet To Remove An Obstruction

Most people will try to plunge a toilet when matter in the bowl does not flush. It is important that those in the household are aware of the situation so they do not continuously try to flush the toilet as this can cause an overflow to occur. The water can be turned off via the faucet on the wall behind the toilet to help keep this from happening. The rubber portion of the plunger is placed over the hole in the bottom of the bowl. It is pressed downward to create a seal. The plunger can then be pumped up and down in an attempt to move the obstruction from its lodged location within the piping system. If the toilet does not flush after this action, it is best to move onto the next step instead of continuously plunging.

Try Using A Plumber’s Snake To Move Lodged Objects

Another way to try to get water to go down a toilet is with the use of a plumber’s snake. This tool has a metal portion which is inserted into the exit hole. It is unwound from a reel, and will snake its way down through the pipes. The water will need to be turned back on to fill the take behind the toilet before trying to flush it once again after this action. If the material in the bowl does not go down, a call to an Emergency Plumbing Service in Fort Collins CO is necessary.

When someone needs to contact an Emergency Plumbing Service Fort Collins CO, they will want to find someone who will come to the home promptly. Call Paul’s Plumbing & Heating for fast action at competitive rates today.

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