Obtain Compensation With a Slip And Fall Accident Injury Lawyer in St. Charles MO


A younger lady is walking through a store. She’s pushing a half-full shopping cart so she cannot clearly see the floor in front of her. All of the sudden, she slips on a wet spot on the floor and falls, breaking her ankle and spraining her wrist as a result. What typically happens after this is an ambulance is contacted for emergency care, and the manager of the store will attempt to have her sign paperwork detailing what happened. The lady in this example or anyone else in a similar situation should not sign the paperwork and should contact a Slip Aand Fall Accident Injury Lawyer in St. Charles MO instead.

Signing the paperwork in the store is something that’s often done not to actually document the incident but to get the person to agree to a minimal settlement before they even know how much their medical bills will be. The person should not sign anything without taking the time to read it, and they will not want to sign something that dictates what happened according to the manager. If something is incorrect, it could hurt the person’s chances of being able to obtain compensation later.

If the person does sign the paperwork and agrees to settle for the small amount offered by the company, even if they didn’t realize this is what they agreed to, they could give up their chance to obtain further compensation because of this acceptance. They will likely find out the settlement they agreed to is not enough for the person to cover all of their medical bills from the incident, which means they will need to cover the remainder on their own.

A person who has been injured in a slip and fall should contact a Slip Aand Fall Accident Injury Lawyer in St. Charles MO as soon as possible after the accident. They should avoid signing anything without speaking with a lawyer first as they could jeopardize their chance of getting a larger settlement that is sufficient to cover the medical bills from the accident. Anyone who is injured in a slip and fall will want to contact us to learn more about their situation and about what they might be able to receive compensation for their injuries.

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