New Farmers Equipment – What Farmers in Lynden Should Know


Many hard-working farmers rise before the sun comes out to tend to their crops and feed their livestock. They grow food, maintain their land, and have the burden of repairing broken equipment.

Farmers work very hard to bring the rest of us food. But with the help of modern technology, there has been a huge change in farming. Long gone are the days of manual labor. Even traditional farm machinery like the tractor has received upgrades, making the work of a farmer more efficient and predictable. Here are a few ways farming has changed.

Types of Equipment

When it comes to farmers equipment, Lynden farmers know that this can include mowers, harrows, slashers, grader blades, stick rakes and more. These items are necessary for farmers to do their job. New technology now allows farmers to purchase these tools that can cut costs while substantially improving productivity. Proper tools are very important for farming, however these tools can be very costly to both purchase and to maintain. Here are a few considerations to take into account when purchasing new equipment.

Farmers Equipment Needs

Farmers have to take inventory and purchase only what’s needed. This involves choosing between affordability, features and compatibility between new and old equipment. Another consideration is whether you should you buy old or new equipment. While cost is a big consideration, buying new is typically more advantageous than buying old. Farmers need equipment that is both cost efficient and can perform well.


Here are a few advantages to purchasing new equipment:

* Extended Warranties
* Income Tax Deductions
* Increased Reliability
* Easy Financing Options
* Purchasing Equipment


Farmers can purchase new agricultural machinery at a local agricultural dealership, from the manufacturer, or from an online dealer. When purchasing, take some time to learn about the equipment prior to purchase. This will help ensure that you have what you need and don’t waste time or money by purchasing something you don’t know how to use.

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