Moving Services: Providing Relocation Solutions for Atlanta Residents


When you are moving, a lot needs to be done in a short span of time. During days leading up to your move, your plate will be full, which is why getting some help through the chaos is vital in order to have a successful and stress-free move. To ease your burden, moving companies offer a broad range of moving services. Atlanta has several of these companies from which to choose from. Here are some features any moving package should include:

  • Free moving quotes customized to your requirements: Professional, reputable companies, can provide free in-house estimates for your relocation. This is a very valuable service that helps you choose a moving company that fits your needs and budget. Moving costs are calculated on the basis of distance and the estimated weight of belongings. Although you cannot do anything about the distance, an estimate can help you decide if you want that old piece of furniture shipped or not. Also, remember to consider the day and date of the move as it can also affect cost.
  • Packing and unpacking services to suit your needs: You can opt for self-packing, customized packing or full-service packing. Self-packing requires you to buy the packing material and spend a lot of time packing everything yourself. It is worthwhile to consider professional packing services for some or all of your packing needs. Movers have the experience and expertise to pack household items in a secure and safe manner that is compatible for loading a van or truck. They can also provide the packing material, saving you extra time and money.
  • In-transit storage services: When you are moving, you may also require short term or long term storage for your home goods. Some professional moving services companies maintain warehouses for your storage needs and can keep your belongings there until you are ready to move into your new residence.
  • Convenience Services: If you don’t have enough time and help to do it yourself, some moving companies offer convenience services such as move out and destination cleaning, disassembly and assembly of electronics (computers and networks), home theater installation, and more.

Whether moving locally or long distance, Armstrong Relocation – Atlanta provides an array of moving services to make it convenient for you to move.

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