Misconceptions About a Local Employment Agency


There are many misconceptions surrounding employment agencies. Many times, people don’t understand what an agency can do, so they think they can find a job faster on their own. These myths continue to circulate, and the information below will clarify a few misconceptions.

Employment Agencies Charge High Fees

Most honest firms never charge candidates for their services; they make money from clients by filling employment orders. While a firm may take a portion of a worker’s salary, their helping the worker find a job is its own reward. An employment firm’s interests are closely aligned with the worker’s, and they’re just as anxious to find good jobs as is the person who’s looking for work.

Agencies Only Have Entry-Level Work

Employment firms place workers at all levels, from the ground floor to the penthouse. Specialty firms cater to a variety of industries, and the opportunities are just as diverse as the companies represented. Temporary staffing can be found in every level of a company, as firms hire everyone from IT pros to interim executives from recruiters and agencies.

Employment Firms Only Offer Temporary Jobs

While an initial placement with an Employment Agency may be limited in duration, it’s common for temp positions to turn into permanent jobs if the candidate and the company are a good fit. If a person wants full-time work, a staffing agency is a good way to get started. Ask the recruiter what happens if the client wants to make a hire, and ensure that it’s a viable option and that it won’t be too costly if the firm wants to hire directly.

Employment Agencies Aren’t Worth a Worker’s Time

Nothing could be further from the truth. Employment firms and recruiters can tap the “hidden” job market as companies need workers but don’t advertise the openings. These companies look to agencies to make proper placements, and a good candidate doesn’t have anything to lose by working with The Arnold Group.

Although it’s vital for workers to judge an Employment Agency based on their standing in the job market and upon their achievements, it’s also important that they take advantage of an employment agency’s job search skills. If a worker disregards staffing agencies based on misconceptions, they may be missing out on something great.

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