Methods for Handling Heavy Periods

by | Nov 30, 2017 | Health

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As any woman knows, there are many different types of products on the market for periods. The world has gone from offering pads or tampons to having a choice between organic tampons, period panties, menstrual cups, and more. This is great, since it allows a greater ability to choose what works for you.

But, what about when you suffer from heavy periods? In times past, the only solution may have been a hysterectomy but that is no longer the case. We’re going to look at other options, so you don’t have to run a search on Google for ‘OB GYN doctor near Ronan’ to find out what is possible.

Birth control pills are actually great for things besides preventing pregnancy. They can also make your period shorter, more regular, lighter, and less painful. This is a safe option for many and can be easy to get a prescription. This particular option also offers help transitioning into menopause if you are at the age for it. It can lessen symptoms such as night sweats, hot flashes, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and irregular bleeding.

IUDs are another option for a heavy period. Mirena, in particular, is known for helping with this. Another perk is that it can be inserted right in office so there’s no need to go to the operating room, which some other options require. Of course, it also acts as a contraceptive. Even if you have irregular periods, it’s still possible to get pregnant so avoiding that can be helpful for some.

There are also various ablative procedures that can help with heavy periods. These can include burning or freezing the lining of the uterus. The type that will work best depends upon your uterus size and shape, as well as your doctor’s preference. That said, these options will not act as contraception, so you will need to use something else if you aren’t planning to become pregnant.

Another option is Lysteda, which is a medication and contains no hormones. This isn’t used a lot but it can be very helpful. It is also something you only take during your period. This is a noninvasive procedure, which may be a positive for some women.

The final option, assuming other techniques do not work, is to have a hysterectomy. However, you should always look at your options with your doctor.

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