Make An Appointment With General Dentists In Baltimore City For A Great Smile


A healthy and brilliant smile requires more than just brushing and flossing. General Dentists in Baltimore City offer a whiter smile, straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Dental visits should begin with children as young as one. General dentists can make an accurate assessment of the child’s teeth and gums. As they grow, any signs of potential problems with tooth or gum development can be corrected early. Gum disease can begin to develop during someone’s teenage years. Early detection and treatment can cure or slow the progression of the disease. Chipped, cracked, stained or missing teeth can also be repaired by an experienced dentist.

Have you recently looked in the mirror and determined your teeth aren’t as white as they should be?

General Dentists in Baltimore City offer teeth whitening in an hour. Over-the-counter teeth whitening kits may seem easy to use, but they can take weeks or months to whiten the teeth. Another problem with an in-home whitening kit is they don’t provide protection to the gum tissue. Irritation like redness and swelling can occur from the irritation of the peroxide. At a dentist’s office, they will apply a protectant to the gum tissue. The peroxide used at a dentist’s office is more concentrated than a home kit and whitens much faster.

Are you missing one tooth or several teeth?

Dental implants are rapidly growing in popularity. They offer a permanent solution for missing teeth. The implant does not have to be removed for cleaning like dentures and will look identical to the other teeth’s color, shape and size. Dental implants are beneficial to individuals that wear dentures. An implant can help dentures from slipping out of position. A dental implant will usually take two appointments to complete. The first appointment will involve a small titanium post being inserted where the tooth is missing. When the gum tissue has healed, a crown will be permanently glued onto the post.

If you’re interested in having a healthy and beautiful smile, a general dentist can provide all of your dental needs. You can Get additional info here about improving your self-esteem, confidence and appearance with a brighter smile.

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