Maintaining Your Horse Trailer Living Quarters


If you have a trailer, maintaining it is important. When you purchase or add living accommodations, the need to keep it in excellent conditions increases. You are now relying on your horse trailer living quarters to provide a home for both you and your horses.

Four Major Components

When it comes to trailer maintenance, four major parts require your attention. These are:

1. Bearings: If you do not keep an eye on their condition, you can cause serious damage to your wheels and axels. Make sure you have a professional check them out at least once a year – maybe more if you haul heavy loads regularly

2. Brakes: It is not difficult to spot warning signs. Squealing and the grating of metal-on-metal demonstrate problems exist. If they lock-up or are slow to engage, address it immediately. You do not want your precious load put at risk. This also includes the breakaway battery. As part of your trailer’s braking system, this needs to be in working order to prevent a runaway trailer if it becomes detached

3. Tires: Pulling any trailer, let alone horse trailer living quarters, with less than properly filled tires is dangerous to everyone on the roads. It is easy for you to check to see if they are at the right pressure. Look for such things as:

a. Uneven wear-and-tear

b. Balding

c. A working valve system

d. General signs of damage

4. Lights: Always look to see if the lights are functioning correctly. You do not want to be stuck without operational warning lights if your trailer breaks down on a busy highway at night or during a storm.

Horse Trailer Living Quarters Maintenance

Always inspect your trailer before heading out. If you have horse trailer living quarters, this will be your home-away-from-home. You need to make sure it is safe for everyone inside it and everyone around it. Regular maintenance will help you accomplish this.

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