Luxury Glasses from Optical Stores in NYC

by | Oct 9, 2014 | Eyeglasses

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If you had an eye exam done and your eye doctor said you should be wearing glasses, it’s important to get them as soon as possible. Going without glasses when you need them can further damage your eyes. With the right glasses, your eyewear is becoming a fashion statement.


Variety of Designs


Eye glasses never used to be as popular as they are today. Though some people still don’t like to wear them, they should at least try a pair on from Charlotte Jones Opticians. When trying a designer pair of glasses on, it may make you rethink the whole situation. You will realize how good you look with them on. Since eyeglasses are so important for those who need them, Optical Stores in NYC have several designs that will be sure to please even the biggest skeptic.


Designer Brands


Not only are there different colors and styles, there are also designer brands. Some of the trendy designers are Loree Rodkin, Thom Browne, Theo Eyewear, Sama Eyewear, Horn Frames, Oliver Goldsmith and more. The designers are from around the globe, so you’re bound to find one that you are familiar with. You may feel more comfortable wearing something from your favorite designer.


Made With Care


These eyeglasses aren’t just factory made like many other places. These are hand made with care. Time is spent on each pair of glasses to ensure the best quality possible. Each pair of glasses has a different prescription strength. Even if you need a high prescription strength and your glasses lens may look thicker, you can still have style. Optical Stores in NYS have a passion for wanting to provide personalization to each set of glasses. Each pair is unique in it’s own way. When you walk around with them on, you will feel it too.


Between the different designers, styles, and colors, it would be nearly impossible to not find something that would suit you. There is something for each personality. You could put yourself or others at danger for not wearing prescription glasses when you’re diagnosed with a condition that prevents you from seeing as well as you should.

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