Looking to Update Your Look? Try Hair Coloring!

Looking to Update Your Look? Try Hair Coloring!

In our modern world, people experience a lot of peer pressure with regard to their appearances. We always want to wear the newest jeans, the sharpest shirts, and the most glamorous accessories to impress our friends and family. But, after accounting for all of the various clothing items available nowadays, caring for your body often falls by the wayside. Maintaining your hair and skin, among other attributes, is just as important as having the newest shoes and the best bracelets.

When it comes to updating your look, whether for an upcoming date or for a family gathering, hair coloring is a fantastic modern way to enhance your appearance. Here are some of the options you’ll want to discuss with your stylist.

Base Color

This is the color applied to the root area of your follicles. Applying a base color is usually the first phase of a multi-step hair coloring process. Your stylist will work with you to select the perfect hair color to match your skin tone and eye color.

Temporary or Permanent Color

Temporary color does not penetrate the cortex of your hair follicles. Instead, it coats the outside of the hair shaft and maintains its appearance for about a week. It washes out in just a few showers. Temporary hair coloring is great for touch-ups or for impromptu events. Permanent color, on the other hand, actually penetrates the hair shaft, providing a long-lasting color that doesn’t wash out. The only way to get rid of permanent hair coloring is to let it grow out or re-color it.


Highlights are a great way to spice up a new base color. The stylist will apply bright or dark streaks of color to distinct sections of your hair. The highlights can be permanent or temporary, depending on your preferences. Depending on your stylist, highlights can be applied in a one-step or a two-step process.

If you’re interested in scheduling a professional hair coloring appointment, please click here.

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