Load Cells for Farming


Load cells are transducers that have the ability to convert force into electrical output that has the ability to be measured. There are a number of different types of load cells available but strain gage based load cells are used the most often. With the exception of laboratories where they commonly use mechanical balances, strain gage load cells are definitely the most commonly used cell in the industry of weighing. These load cells are some of the most accurate of any in the industry today.

Different Types of Load Cells

A load cell has the ability to be used as a weight measurement device that it essential for electronic scales that have the capability to weigh in digits. They are not limited or restricted to weight measurement in only electronic scales. A load cell is a type of transducer that has the ability to convert any force that is applied into signals that are electronic. Strain gage load cells are the most commonly used cells in the industry of weighing as they have a lot of positive characteristics:

* They are very precise and provide accurate linear measurements
* Temperature changes to not impact the weight or the ability to use the product
* It is small in size, especially compared to the other types of load cells on the market
* They have a long operating life because they have very few moving parts that create any type of friction
* They provide easy production because they are not made up of very many components
* The fatigue characteristics are excellent

Load cells are commonly used in electronic scales, load testing machines, flow-meters, as well as industrial scales. Where ever there is force measurement required, you will see a load cell. They are extremely accurate and are used in a number of different industries.

Farming with Load Cells

Load cells are commonly used in agricultural industries to help with the weighing of livestock as well as crops. They can be used in seed carts, truck and trailer feed mixers, truck and trailer fertilizer spreaders, pallet scales, platform scales, and single animal scales. They come in handy for just about any farmer because they are versatile and can help to weigh nearly anything on the farm. The digi-star load cells are some of the best on the market with the most reasonable prices currently available in the industry of farming.

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