Load Cell Manufacturers

by | Nov 4, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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Load cell manufacturers are as diverse as the load cells that are being manufactured. Most are able to manufacture load cells entirely to customer specifications and requirements. There are certificates and accreditation offered for this industry as well, with some being more prestigious than others.

Load cell manufacturers are able to obtain complete industry certification. These certificates will include:

•  Tabulated measurement variables data: which means the certificate issuer will check the accuracy of the load cell that the manufacturer has created
•  Zero balance: which checks the accuracy of the load cell at the zero balance level; traceability statements
•  Bridge input/output resistance
•  Computed nonlinearity and hysteresis.

For each of these different areas of certification, load cell manufacturers are also able to obtain an accredited certificate, though that is available at a higher charge. The A2LA (which stands for the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation) accreditation is one of the highest accredited certificates offered to load cell manufacturers, based on their ability to create a finely calibrated load cell on-site. This accreditation is based on internationally accepted criteria, and certifies all types of manufacturers, as well as private and governmental bodies.

Load cell manufacturers are able to create load cells that have a very broad capacity, ranging from a few grams all the way up to a few tons. These can also include hydraulic systems as well as different fixtures for various cells. A quick turnaround time (some offer as little as three days) can also add to the competency.

Load cell manufacturers are able to calibrate a wide variety of objects, such as rotary torque transducers, load pins, and load cells, and even crane cells and tension links. One of the benefits of ordering directly from a load cell manufacturer is their repair service. Many offer quick turnaround times for their repairs, including calibrating the load cell. Connector replacements and the ease of mind knowing that the technician repairing the load cell is industry-experienced make the process easier. Most load cell manufacturers offer load cell evaluations and calibrations with their service guarantee.

The majority of load cell manufacturers offer great service and are able to customize and calibrate a load cell to the specific needs of the industry requiring the load cell. There are many different certificates and accreditations available to the load cell manufacturers, with some carrying more weight and prestige than others. Most manufacturers offer repair and calibration services, with the same technicians who built the load cells repairing them. Visit our website to know how manufacturing engineers use load cells.

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