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When a person is not happy with the appearance of their smile, they often feel uneasy about social functions. Cosmetic concerns can lead a person to feel uncomfortable smiling and eating in front of others. Thankfully, the dentist has a solution to help people who are not happy with the way their smile looks. Through veneers in Hawaii, people can cover their smile with tooth-shaped shells that allow them to have a beautiful smile.

To place porcelain veneers, the dentist needs to first prepare the patient’s teeth. Most veneers require the dentist removes a portion of the tooth tissue so there will be room for the veneer without causing tooth protrusion. Veneers are crafted from porcelain and are made to specifically go over a person’s teeth. Once the teeth are prepared, the dentist will be able to place the veneers so they cover any cosmetic concerns without intrusion into the person’s natural bite and chewing ability.

Once the veneers have been crafted, the dentist will adhere them in place using an adhesive that can be instantly cured with an LED or UV light. When the veneer is adhered in place, it will completely shield the tooth so the smile is perfected. This gives people the beautiful smile they have been longing for.

Veneers can cover minor tooth damage, stains, and gaps between the teeth. Today’s veneers can last as long as twenty-five years with proper treatment and maintenance. Once a person’s veneers are put in place, it is crucial they follow their dentist’s advice for care. Biting down on hard food or non-food items should be avoided and the teeth should be shielded during any form of contact sports.

Those who are interested in Veneers in Hawaii should contact the dentist and schedule a consultation appointment to get started. The dentist will fully examine the patient’s teeth to make sure they are a good candidate for the procedure.

For more information on veneers and other dental procedures,  They offer all of the dental services a person requires so they can keep a healthy and beautiful smile for life.

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