Learn More About The St. Kitts Citizenship Program


Most people think that becoming a citizen of any country is tough. While many countries do have stringent rules and requirements, the St. Kitts citizenship program is slightly different. You have two investment options that will guarantee you become a citizen, and all you need is enough money (with a few other restrictions).

Why That Country

St. Kitts is a beautiful nation of two islands that offers clear, blue water, tropical temperatures, and a bustling economy of tourism and trade. It’s connected by many flights to/from the US, Europe, and other countries, and offers many advantages, such as tax-free income worldwide and dual citizenship. It is a long-established program that’s unique, as well.

You’ll get fast processing (sometimes as little as four months), the ability to bring your dependents and won’t be required to live in the country. Likewise, you won’t be required to travel to the area during the application and won’t require interviews or education/management experience.

You’ll also gain visa-free travel to over 100 countries and won’t have to pay taxes on worldwide income. Plus, you’ll get all the advantage of your home country, as well.


These programs were set up in 1984 and to qualify, you will need to have an outstanding character, no criminal records, have a higher net worth and be in good health. You’ll also have to fulfill your obligation of investment and pay any fees.


You’ve got a real estate investment and SIDF contribution option available to you. The Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation requires a contribution to the charity, and the amount will vary depending on your family’s size. For example, a single applicant will be required to pay $250,000 while you, your wife, and six children would contribute $450,000.

Likewise, you can purchase property that’s valued at $400,000 to become a citizen.

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