Learn About Dental Protocol Your Dentist in Greenville WI Follows

by | Jul 17, 2014 | Dentist

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Dental health is a major part of a person’s overall health. Just as seeing a physician is favorable for good health, seeing a Dentist in Greenville WI promotes optimal dental health. Some patients avoid seeing a dentist due to various fears. While this is understandable, it’s not a valid reason to avoid needed oral care. Knowing what to expect during a dental visit will help a person relax, and develop a mindset conducive to good dental health.


While most dentists follow similar guidelines for treating patients, each clinic sets its own protocols. Seeing a dentist for the first time often involves a more comprehensive examination and consultation than subsequent visits. However, certain situations may necessitate a complete consultation and examination for adequate care.


A dentist will usually start a dental visit with a consultation. During this time, a patient will reveal her fears, expectations, medical history, dental history, and any existing diagnoses. By telling a dentist about fears, the Dentist in Greenville WI can alter treatments and medications to lessen or eradicate pain. A recent medical or dental diagnosis will let a dentist assess your dental condition more accurately. Only a qualified health care practitioner like a dentist can make the correlation between a medical problem and a dental problem. In addition, some people have unrealistic expectations. A dentist can calmly relay information to help people change their attitudes about realistic results.


After a consultation, the dentist will inspect a person’s head, neck, lymph nodes, salivary glands, and temporomandiular (jaw) joint for redness, swelling, and other abnormalities indicative of dental disease. The dentist will also look at a person’s occlusal proportions. This is simply checking the way a person’s upper and lower teeth come together. Any irregularity could result in dysfunction to a person’s masticatory system. The dentist will also perform a clinical exam of a person’s teeth and inspect the the soft tissues of the mouth.


X-rays and other tests may be ordered to view the internal parts of a mouth. Getting these along with needed care provides a person with tools to maximize dental health care. Receiving oral care can give a person a beautified smile and a reason to grin. Find out more by contacting Barnes & Associates Dentistry, SC today!

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