Leaking Roof? Fix the Problem Quickly with Assistance from Roofers in Maidenhead


Marks on the ceiling, damp spots on the walls, puddles of water accumulating inside the home – these are just three signs that you need to contact roofers in Maidenhead for repairs and inspections. It’s not uncommon for roof leakages to occur, particularly if the roof is old, or has not been maintained or installed properly. Shingle, wooden, flat, pitched – whatever type of roof you have on your residential or business property, the sooner you act, the less you can expect to pay for repairs or a full roof replacement.

Inspecting the Roof

Safety should be your main priority when inspecting the roof for damage, so put on your hard hat and slip on a pair of gloves. You should also wear some slip-resistant shoes to avoid falls when walking up and down the ladder. If you contact roofers in Maidenhead to do the job on your behalf, you can expect him or her to identify the source of the leak by looking for dripping water or discoloured surfaces. Flashing surrounding skylights should be examined closely, as should the area around the walls, chimneys and plumbing stacks.

Preparing the Surface

Once the first part of the process has been completed, the roofers in Maidenhead will prepare the surface for repairs or replacements. A wire brush will normally be used to remove damaged flashing, corrosion, dirt and any paint that is flaking off. If old caulking compound has become loose, this will be removed from the flashing with a metal scraper or similar instrument. Protection is essential at this stage, which is why the flashing should be sprayed with a zinc-based primer. Once dried, roofing cement will be applied with a putty knife.

Gathering Supplies

The quality of the tools used by roofers in Maidenhead will affect the finished result, and the types of roofing supplies required for the job will depend on the severity of the damage caused by the leak. High-grade roof resin is an important product, because it will shield the roof from further problems caused by rain, wind, snow and sun. Some other materials that might come in handy during the repair or replacement of a leaking roof include sheathing, underlayment, wood shingles, slate roofing, asphalt shingles, clay tile and concrete tile. Never buy supplies before researching the manufacturer’s name first.

Allen Roofing Supplies understand that roofers in Maidenhead need products from the best manufacturers to get the job done properly, and this is why they stock quality goods.


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