Leading a Meeting: Tips for Making the Most of Honolulu Web Conferencing

Leading a Meeting: Tips for Making the Most of Honolulu Web Conferencing

There are times when an audio conference is not enough. Thanks to the efficiency and ease of use that comes with Honolulu Web Conferencing these days, getting business done in a timely manner has never been easier. To make the most of what this approach to communications has to offer, it pays to be prepared to lead the meeting. Here are some tips that will help.

Explore the Features

Not all web conferencing platforms are laid out in exactly the same manner. Well before the meeting takes place, the person who will be moderating or leading the meeting must take the time to become familiar with every feature offered by that platform. For example, what are the steps for allowing two or more attendees to make changes to a document that is currently being shared with the group? How does the leader go about sharing the document in the first place? What about the steps needed to take the group on a quick tour of a website? Knowing how to make use of all the tools will ensure the meeting runs smoothly and no time is wasted.

Clear the Desktop

On more than one occasion, a rookie moderator has used the desktop sharing feature that comes with Honolulu Web Conferencing and failed to close some of the tabs found on the bottom of the screen. Anything that could prove a distraction from the meeting proper does not need to be left open. That includes the tab for an email client. That last thing that needs to happen during a meeting is for everyone to see the name and sender of an email that the moderator just received. Close tabs and hide any icons that are not appropriate for the meeting well before the first attendee connects to the conference.

Provide Precise Instructions for Accessing the Conference

Not everyone is familiar with the process of participating in a web conference. Make sure the invitations include step-by-step instructions for accessing the conference. Don’t forget to include options for participating via an audio connection as a backup. That will prove helpful for those who are traveling and in areas where Internet connections are not available or somewhat unstable.

Visit Envisionns.com today and learn more about how to make the best use of web conferencing. After trying this product for a few meetings, it will be easy to see how conferencing saves time and money.

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