Last Minute Prep For Residential Movers In Birmingham, AL


Preparing for a move from Birmingham, AL, takes weeks and the longer you have to plan and pack slowly and carefully the less stressful your moving day will be. Even if you are well-prepared and think you have everything packed and ready, there are a few things you can do to ensure everything is in place.

To help you, here is a last minute checklist to go over in the hours before the residential movers arrive.

  • Check drawers, closets and cupboards – even if you have done this before, go through the house one more time checking in storage areas and any furniture that may be remaining as part of the sale.
  • Check all outside faucets – if you have outside faucets, walk around and makes sure they are all off and, if possible, that they are shut off from the inside of the home. This will be important as you may not have your water utility shut off until the next day.
  • Get pets organized – if you have dogs, cats or other types of pets have them in kennels, crates or in a secured and closed off area of the home. Pets often get very anxious during the moving process and they are likely to bolt out a door without the residential movers or the family even realizing.
  • Organize the kids – for families with kids, have some favorite games or toys for them to play with out of the way. Talk to the kids about the importance of staying away from the movers. This is not because the movers don’t like kids, but it can pose a safety risk when the residential movers are moving furniture, boxes or large items.

Finally, make sure you double check with your Birmingham, AL moving coordinator to confirm the arrival time of the truck and crew. Top moving services will call to provide this information, which will save you having to remember this task.

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